R3FORM Studio


R3FORM Pilates Studio in Castor & Cambridge

Celebrating over two years of success, R3FORM Pilates Studio in Castor has thrived with the support of Peak Pilates. The studio proudly boasts 17 Peak Pilates Fit Reformers and Peak Fitness Chairs, elevating their offerings and captivating a diverse audience.

The studio has become a welcome addition to the village community of Castor, with local fitness enthusiasts travelling from nearby Peterborough and further afield to enjoy versatile Pilates classes. With our help, they also recently kitted out a studio in Cambridge.

Benefits of partnering with Peak Pilates

The Pilates reformer beds were ready-supplied at studio height, so the studio didn’t have to invest extra time and money in buying extenders. Once we’d set them up, they were ready to use. Through our partnership, we were also able to facilitate training for the Pilates instructors so they could provide the best experience possible for their clients.

By not just supplying the equipment, we were also able to provide the aftersales support. This includes replacement parts and servicing to keep the reformers in top form and in like-new working condition all year round.

R3FORM were impressed with our expertise and willingness to go the extra mile to supply, install and service advanced Pilates equipment for their contemporary studio.

Highlights of the Fit Reformer

The Fit Reformer’s space-saving design is a game-changer for the R3FORM STUDIO. The studio loves the Fit Reformer as it gives the instructors the option to build their own workouts – whether that’s traditional Pilates or something a bit different.

Suitable for all ages, the equipment may look intimidating, but it offers low-impact, versatile workouts. You can opt for HIIT-style training, a gentle, relaxing stretches or something in between.

The ability to stack and store the reformers vertically has provided ample floor space for mat-based Pilates sessions, enhancing the overall studio experience.

Crafted partially with wood, the equipment seamlessly integrates into the contemporary studio aesthetic, creating a welcoming atmosphere for clients.

As their trusted supplier of high-end fitness equipment, we look forward to seeing R3FORM Pilates offering go strength-to-strength.