Pilates shouldn’t be overlooked by professional athletes: Here’s why…


When you think of the types of people who do Pilates, you would be wrong to also not include professional athletes. In fact, many elite athletes in sports have recently turned to Pilates to give them that all-important competitive edge. This blog will outline some of the many benefits of Pilates, exploring why professional athletes in football, basketball, and even Olympic sports have started to incorporate Pilates into their fitness routines.

Is Pilates good for elite athletes?

There are many benefits of Pilates for elite athletes in all types of sports.

Pilates enhances your flexibility and strength

Building strength and muscle mass is important for any competing athlete; however, weight training can often leave you with stiff and tight muscles that aren’t as supple as you want. Pilates can help athletes build their muscles while also relieving muscle tension and developing hip mobility and control. This enhanced flexibility and strength lead to a higher level of overall athletic performance.

Pilates is a challenging workout for your whole body

Pilates was first designed as a whole-body workout that goes further than simply strengthening your body’s largest muscles; this workout heightens your brain’s connection with all your micro muscles, too. For professional athletes, this results in a particularly challenging workout that tests them in new physical ways they’ve never come across before. Aside from complete coordination of the body, elite athletes will also work their abdominal muscles, obliques, upper body, core muscles and lower body during a Pilates session.

Pilates prevents you from sustaining injuries

There’s nothing worse for a professional athlete than being injured. One of the advantages of the increased flexibility you get from Pilates is a reduced risk of getting injured; the low-impact movements in Pilates also greatly reduce the probability of aggravating an old injury. As a result, many elite athletes use Pilates as a preventative measure, helping them to bounce back more quickly after a minor injury – and enhance the longevity of their careers.

While there are many benefits of Pilates for elite athletes, you don’t have to be a professional to reap these rewards. At Peak Pilates, we stock everything you need to get the most out of your Pilates workout – whether you’re a Pilates connoisseur or a complete beginner.