Best Pilates Reformers for Home Workouts


If you’ve realised just how great Reformer Pilates is for your mind and body, you might have considered how you can do it at home. While the right Reformer Pilates class can be great, nothing beats the ease of being able to complete a good workout in the comfort of your own home — and to your music playlist! So, if a Pilates Reformer is looking like your next big fitness investment, keep reading for our best Pilates Reformers for at-home workouts below.

Peak Pilates Fit™ Reformer

It doesn’t get much better than the Peak Pilates Fit Reformer. As the first model to incorporate vertical stacking and affordability in a studio-height reformer, the Fit Reformer boasts studio quality in a home fitness package.

On top of a four-position gear system, the Peak Pilates Fit Reformer comes with a 5 spring system, a 3 position headrest, and a 4 position foot bar with a safety latch. The integrated side-split platform with the ability to add a jump board also enables you to enjoy additional plyometric and cardio benefits from your at-home Reformer workout.

Peak Pilates Casa Reformer

An at-home Pilates Reformer so good it’s even got “house” in the name, the Peak Pilates Casa Reformer incorporates everything you need from a Reformer to challenge yourself in a home workout. This small-scale reformer has a locking foot bar, a four-position one-hand gear bar, one-touch rope adjusters, and graphic treatments for alignment and proper adjustments.

Like all Peak Pilates reformers, the Casa Reformer is “studio height” so you can easily replicate any moves from your classes without needing to modify anything. This reformer has also been designed with the option to add a jump board.

Peak Pilates Mve Reformer

The Reformer to end all Reformers, the Peak Pilates MVE Reformer, offers an at-home Reformer Pilates workout like no other. Not only does this model come with everything the Fit and Casa models do (and more!), but its patent-pending design allows for ‘nesting’ of the units without removing parts or legs — the ultimate stacking space-saver.

This model’s innovative design also includes a range of other features not found on other stackable Reformers on the market: retractable risers, retractable shoulder blocks, and a gear bar selection for maximum user comfort and adjustability.

To take your at-home Reformer Pilates even further, you can upgrade the Peak Pilates MVE Reformer to a full Tower System with the MVE Reformer Tower Conversion. This allows you to challenge your body even more by combining the Reformer/tower/mat into one powerful unit.

If you’re thinking about investing in a Pilates Reformer to take your favourite workout back home, Peak Pilates offers a range of robust, flexible home Pilates equipment to improve your body and mind.